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c3Dex aims to provide a safe place for CCC attendees to keep track of and share their experience, and make or keep friends. It's: - **Anonymous** - We don't ask you for any personal details when you sign up. - **Beginners-friendly** - Because we've all been there. - **Open source** - Of course! Features in include: - A customizable profile where you can keep track of the events you went to, your photos, comments and anectodes. - An activity feed where you can see what everyone is sharing. - Private messaging allowing you to meet new friends. - And more! I'm developing this project at CCCamp 2019 and plan to add features as suggestions come in.

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Nice to meet you, I'm [db0]( ![I'm old enough to remember when the Internet wasn't a group of five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four.]([]( ### **It's time to give the control back to the communities.** With this mindset, I started [my own social network engine]( a few years ago. It's currently mostly used by gaming communities, but my goal is to make sure it stays fully open source and easy to use, to allow communities who need them to create their own safe spaces and fully keep control over them. In particular, in the future, I'm hoping it can be of use to communities who I love and support, but more importantly need safe spaces more than anyone else, such as communities of transgender people and people with disabilities. It's still under development, and there are many features I would like to implement. For example, I'd like to eventually be compatible with [ActivityPub]( I'm a shy person, but I'm passionate about this project, so if you're interested, please talk to me, at camp/congress or online!

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Our project is open-source and open for contributions. We are more than happy to accept pull-requests on GitHub!

The website has been made using Django, so in Python 2. We also use LESS CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Bower for the front-end of the website.

We accept all kind of contributions, from tools to help players, statistics pages, mini-games, or even little CSS changes. Don't be shy! If you need help getting started, just contact us and we will happily take the time to teach you the basics, no matter your level.